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Discovers different collection from Stark Museum of Art

I love to visit Museums in different areas, because through that area or place where we can actually learn and have knowledge of the history of our place. Aside from learning the history, it gives us some feeds of different artist and on how they make this statue and collection carefully and perfectly.
Stark Museum of Art is one of the Museums I want to visit someday as they do have as they do have the collections of paintings, sculpture and prints from centuries to centuries, a highlight of a stunning land and dramatic people. That surely gives me the learning that I will be able to know and learn about.
Stark Museum of Art would also a big help for me to learn more things about a specific places / areas in different state. How people have become a memorable to different individuals, how they contributed in order to give us a great place of what we have now.
The Collections the finest collections they have from the 19th to 20th centuries from that Western Art, Decorative Arts, American Indian Arts and the Rare books and Manuscripts that older people used before we have developed and discover and have a new high technologies.

The Exhibitions where they share and would let us know the Current pace, To the Future exhibition, and return to the past as well as the Exhibitions of loan.

Through Stark Museum it gives us more Education for our culture and environment we are living in. not only for the young ones but adults are a much more welcome to know and learn more. They also promote a long life experiences about the arts. They are giving school tours for more encouragement and learning of the history. As well as great resources for teachers, a family tour can also be conducted here, to educate your siblings and kids more about the past, in their younger age.

You can also buy items from what you have seen into their exhibitions for your collection or just a gift and souvenir from the stunning land and from the historical event and people of the place. Visit them now!


  1. hello novs. cge uwan diri oy. unya mu init pug kalit ig taudtaud. medyo busy jud ko lately wla na jud ko nka blog blog. haaaaayyyy. :-) will find time to make new posts soon.. take care.. :-0

  2. This is the kind of place I would visit and really enjoy... I must try to call back here and follow the link.

  3. Very good! :)
    We can always learn something new. Museums are great places for that. :)

  4. Anonymous7:26 AM

    sunday visit to you Nova.. Have a nice day


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