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CFO Experience

6:30 Departed from San Pedro Laguna heading to Aurora’s Blvd.
7:05 Arrives at Cubao Farmers. Walked for about 10 minutes to ask what would be the next vehicle to ride in to get into the Good Shepherd…
8:00 Arrives at the Center
Filled up the forms given to my at the Registration Area
Paid for that P250.00 registration fee for the counseling, had my photo taken, filled up the forms and after which given it back to the registration area. Waited for the video presentation at the second floor.
8:30 Our session started and we headed to the video presentation.
9:00 Group counseling was started, and after was the individual interview/counseling.
10:00 Went to the registration area to get my counseling certificate, which will be showed on getting the other certificate [CFO] and sticker which is a requirement for the Immigration Center.
11:30 Passed a photocopy of the counseling certificate, Original passport, the Form with attached photocopy of Visa, and P400.00 for the fee. NOTE: If you have the visa already, you’ll be able to get the sticker of CFO attached to your passport and if not yet, you’ll be able to go back to them after you received your visa and have they put sticker of the seminar.
11:50 All done. Home sweet Home.


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    oi congrats! maau kay naa naka CFO. ing ana pud ang akong gi buhat Novs. kanus-a man imong interview? humana ka na ba? by the way naa koy tagay nimo. diri na link hope naa pa kay time mubuhat ani. =) ayo ayo Novs!

  2. Grabe you even had to go through all that? Kadami palang kailangan gawin before you can fly over here on a fiancee visa.

    But it's all worth it I'm sure. So the countdown begins?

    Take care...

    Ate J

  3. erk pretty confuse. what is CFO actually?

  4. hapit n jud ka mohawa...hala! hehehe...hilak na daan novz..

    tasteful voyage
    a mom's note
    Filipino love stories

  5. Hello, visiting u here...its been a while since a visited you, now I finally got a chance..

  6. You're almost there, friend!


    A Peek Into My Mind
    The Shutterbug

  7. Hi sis msat na ok kara ba busy diay ka kaayo no. Anyway ingat lang diha....

  8. Anonymous10:45 AM

    This is very interesting day for you Nova. Thanks for sharing.

    Anyway I got a tag for you.

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  9. wahaaaaaaaaa..aalis kana tlaga...naku daming process pala pag fiancee visa. turuan mo na lang ako when it's my turn ha.

  10. nibalik n sad ko Novz. Naa ko tag nmo diri

  11. when are you leaving?

  12. Hi girl, I suggest you just get an agency that can fix all that,,, para hassle free na you... hehehe me I did my Schengen Visa thru Agency... soooo easy after a 2 weeks they called me that my passport is ready for pick-up with Visa na agad... LoL! then after 3 days fly na me... Europa!!!

  13. ur almost done na gyud nov's :)

  14. Nov, naa ko tagay nmo diri

  15. Hi Novs...

    Tagged here:

    Musta ang Manila escapades mo?

    Ate J

  16. good luck on your trip tomorrow! wish you the best!

    you've got a long flight!

    god bless!

  17. Anonymous9:41 AM

    wow congrats...hapit na diay jud ka molupad :-)

    by the way, i have something for you in this link

    have a nice day!

  18. Anonymous10:28 AM

    hallo vang.. naa diay koy ipa solve sa imo kadali. hehe. duaw lng sa akong payag.. bow..

  19. Happy weekend Novs..

    Ate J


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