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I made it & Why I'm still not Around

After months, weeks, and days of waiting, and having all this stuff to encounter? I finally made it all the way to USA. To be with the man I love so much, and to meet his whole family which turns out overwhelming because everyone is so much excited.

I know I have never been here that often and neither visited you back, I do hope that even ifI'm not around the much? You would not let me leave and will still keep coming back. I am pretty much sure that you have been into my place and how busy you are, because your bf or husband or fiancee needs to show you around and meet you all this important people of his life.

I know there are so much of me to tell you, experiences to share and the last moments when I'm in Manila is to bond with my sister and her family.

It's not that simple and easy as you think it is, when your still there, but it's way too opposite. I will make sure that if I do have much enough time and everything settles here? I will get back to you as soon, as I am done and finished everything here.


  1. hi! have a great day.. hope everything's ok .. :)

  2. Hello My dear Friend Nova!! Welcome to the US! I do hope everything is well w/you my friend! Asan ka nga pla dito sa US? I'm very Happy you make it! i know you will like and love it here even though we're away from our Family in pinas.
    I miss you my friend and I'm glad to hear from you. I already added you back in my Link, so sorry about it, I really make a mess when i change my templates. Ingat you always and Godbless.


  3. hello novs,

    in the US ka na pala. Welcome, hope you find "home" with your new family here. Babalik din tayo sa atin! heheh. be well

  4. wow, you finally make it to have your wonderful dream, thats great.
    I, coolingstar9 have an award-the biggest heart award for you as a gift.
    Please take it from my blog-big heart.
    Have a nice journey.

  5. good to know you're finally there! enjoy your new life!

    wishing you all the luck!

  6. glad u got there safe! will call u tom! busy kaayo ko gwaps oy! hay starting to stress out i swear!:)

  7. Hi sis, im glad your in the safe hands of your lovey dovey. I am happy for you, sis.

    I know you will enjoy it there, ikaw pa you are flexible. I miss you sis. Ingats, always.

  8. Hello Novs!

    Musta na? Glad u made it there safe and sound. Ingatz lang. (",)

  9. Hi Nova, welcome to the US! Can u pls give me your phone number aron magka chika ta? LOL Just email it to

    All the best,

  10. wow! really!!! Have fun!

  11. Hi Nova! Finally, you made it! Welcome here in the US, welcome to your new home!!!

    Don't worry, take your time, just visit us whenever you have free time.


    Dana & Debbie

  12. hi nova. welcome to the US, girl! im sure youre going to love it here.

  13. Waah!, my friend, anjan ka na pala! don't forget to buzz me sa YM whenever ur not busy ha. roaming ba cell number mo nyan?


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