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TAGGED TIME: To Know the Truth!!

Avee , Emzkie, Anneberly, Lira, tagged me this nice and encouraging questions and answer. Thank you girl, keep passing more.

1. This tag should be pass on to your closest friends.
2. Visit the blog of the person you've got this tag.
3. Leave a comment on her/his tag post. Be sure to thank her/him for this tag.
4. Highlight and link all the list of people who accepted this tag by visiting their blog site.
5. There are 10 questions that you need to answer but you will be the one to write the 10th question for the next person you want to pass this tag.

1. Sojourn 2. Pinay Mom in Czech Republic 3. See Me for what You Will 4. LAINY'S MUSINGS 5 OUR JOURNEY TO FOREVER 6. Twerlermz 7. My Virtual Diary 8. Em's Exposure 9.) Avee's Adventures 10. Fil-Am Stories 11. Essay of Life 12. Air Sick 13. All About Reviews 14. SuperNova & SweetPain 15.(PLEASE Place all the links of the people who accepted this tag).

Here's your questions: Be Honest and True!

1. How did you meet your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend?

A good friend introduces me to a new site and was been trying to let me try it and check out the different environment, so I registered and since I only have her on my list, I was scanning others to make friends with and I didn't care who are they just to make sure that they don't have nasty nickname used, as for me it shows how nasty a person using that nickname with. hehehe.. so that's it, we starts to exchange our "hi's: and "hello's". In short in one of online websites.

2. Where did you go in your first date?

We have dinner with friends at Jack Ridge, Davao City an overlooking place to see the whole Davao City.

3. When was your first intimate kiss?

In the hotel, after we were left by my 2 chaperon friends.

4. How many girlfriends/boyfriends he/she had in the past? Do you honestly know?

He mentioned his very long relationship to me, and the others were only an infatuation. Yes, I certainly kinda know though..

5. What is his/her ethnicity?

I assume it's asking about my fiancee - His pure American

6. What is his/her favorite food?

He likes, lasagna, pizza the most, but his not a picker he just eats any kinds of food, which I do admired him of being that way. I won't have trouble on preparing food for meals

7. What is he/she like if he/she is mad?

He have this facial expression that would tell me that his actually mad into something.

8. What are the things he/she did you thought is the most romantic thing he'd/she'd ever done?

That his being there always for me.

9. Describe how he/you proposed to you.

Hmmm... He haven't proposed yet but well see..

10. Do you find this tag C00L?

Yup, I find this interesting...

Tagging; Eds, Imelda and Ellaine's_Scotty's Princess


  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    hi sis, thanks a lot and wow nagbakasyon ka talaga ha. hihihi =) welcome back!!!

    Avee's Adventures
    Fil-Am Stories
    Essay of Life
    All About Reviews

  2. hello sister musta na? btw, tag u.

  3. Hay, imo man ko gi-tag sis nga wa kaayo ko'y ika-share, i dont like to bring up the past with my ex-hubby. You find one for me there, hehehe.

    Sis even while ur there, ur still biba. I could laugh at your remark that you're like a maid there, hahaha. I don't think i can work like americans used to do. Sobrang tapulan kaayo ko. sobrang adjust jud diay ka diha sis. Declare a break sad, oi. Ayaw pagpabilib kaayo sis kay basin ug ma spoil unya na imong hubby, hehehe.

    Are u allowed to work by ur hubby? Do i hear the bells ringing, soon?

  4. Hi Novs! It's great to hear from you again. I'm sure ur doing just great with your mahal by your side. Thanks for this taggie but I already had this one posted HERE.



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