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Another Dinner...

Yup, and this time, I don't remember what he did. It is a mixture of green peas, ham, rice but the different variety.

It's pretty much deliciouso, after 5 spoons in my mouth I got stuffed....
Probably because too much carbohydrates?

That's it Mahal, open wide... such a goofy person... Love you..


  1. Hello sis Nova, Kmusta na? Pansensya na sis f ngayon lng ako uli nkabisita dito. That dinner sis looks good, i bet you like it too. Do u love american foods ba? Me i love it na. hehehe, in fact, d nko kumain ng rice, paminsan-minsan lng f i miss it. hehehe. Thank nga pala sa tag, i'll grab it and then post it later. Sis, bka next coming days, weeks, bka da nko masyadong mkapasyal dito, kasi i'll start working na. hehehe, But i will still find time to drop by and say hello sa iyo. Ingat ka always and have a gud day! Thanks uli!


  2. seem to be having a great time goofing around with your Mahal....

    Great to see you cooking na, ha? This will be the start of never ending cooking for you...just a warning....hahahaha....

    Ate J


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