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This was taken at the same time when I posted about SUNDAY MOMENTS with the Trampoline, I never thought Jeffy captured a great one when I tried my very best to jumped high into that thing in order to get a good stunt shots. While scanning on his phone, [yes I do that, looking for pictures if I have nothing to do at home] I've seen this and was grateful to share this with you, how good am I... am I? hehehehe...



  1. Oist, nice pics, Novs. Murag pareho atong sa supermodel search gud. Hehe.

    Anyways, unsa name sa imo bro?

  2. Wow sis taas diay kag jump. wa pa ko kakita ang trampoline dire sis. lukso lukso ra man ato nga way in- ana, hehehe.

  3. Anonymous1:50 PM

    hi Nova! maau kay wala ka nahadluk ana. ako talawan kaau ana. hehehe.. basig mabalingtung ba, una ang ulo. yaykz! hehehe.. oi i got something for u. its in this link. =)


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