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That's one of the dishes my fiancee made for me every night, I mean he made for us. I'm lucky enough I guess, as my fiancee made our dinner all the time. Am I that bad? I could only think of Filipino Foods and he doesn't want me to cook them all the time as I am now in USA. I told him I have no idea about American food even if I do have a cook book to refer, still I don't want to make a risk. It is made out of mashed potato, brocolli, grilled pork, and the gravy.


  1. Anonymous10:50 PM

    ahhh typical American food :D. They look yummy ug balance though kay naa pud ka veggies. I know the feeling. Until now wa pa jud ko figure out how to cook something for hubby; ngita nlang ta ani ug recipe aron mkatsamba. Kaon ba ug rice si jeff?

  2. hay kalucky man sa ako sister oi. spoil sa iya bana hehehe

  3. Lucky u, Novs. Hehe.

    Those food looks so yummy. I love grilled pork and mashed potato. Yum!

  4. Anonymous5:03 AM

    wow the food looks yummy :) lots of calories for u jeff and nova... LOL

    how i wish i have an american fiancee who can cook for me. LOL

    GodBless :)

  5. Anonymous10:46 AM

    wow! a perfect fiancee imagine siya nag cook nito lahat, I love the broccoli and mashed potato.. you're so lucky sis and congrats for being a princess of jeff..

  6. I see bread, butter, brocolli, is it mashed potato w/ gravy? and i dont know what else LOL
    I cook everything at home, I love American foods, from time to time I make some Filipino dish pero ako ra man mokaon so I stopped LOL

    You can email me your contact number at I look forward to talking to you..hopefully soon. :-)


  7. Their food is actually easier to prepare. During the first few weeks I was here, all I cooked was rice and fish....haha. Then I started learning little by little...

    Don't worry you'll get the hang of it..

    Ate J


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