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Joy Ride...

I love joy riding and that's where Jeff take me last week. Since he got out from work early and the weather is great? He took me on the road and showed me around, Jamestown has this huge Lake which is the center of the City and foreigners attracts to this tourist spot they have. Although I don't remember any of what he's been telling me about the name of the places. I did have so much fun until we reached home at around 9pm as the son goes down.

The bad timing is that I had gas, that gives me pain for reasons I could not explain. Thank God what he made for dinner is Rice and SpareRibs.

It's nice to see different places and see beautiful spots to cherish.


  1. Aba at ang swerte naman! Meron bang documents na pinimarhan na di ka magluluto at maglalaba? Hehehe...laba here is easy kasi washer and dryer lang. Pati cooking easy lang. I didn't cook for anyone but myself when I was not married. Now, I do all the cooking. Buti na lang di maarte ang asawa ko.

    Anyway, asan na pictures mo? Yung pics mo na andito ka na...hehe

    Ate J

  2. Wow! What country ka now gurl? Have a great day!

  3. Hello sis Nova, Thanks for dropping sa second blog ko. I really appreciate it. I added your link na rin sa 2nd blog ko. Please do add mine here din. Just add it as Anig. Thank you so much and you take care always.
    OO nga pla, if you would not mind, pwedi hingi sa iyo ng YM mi? pra mka chat nman tayo minsan. Thanks and Best regards.


  4. That's such a nice play, Novs.

    Ana kanindot ang lugar tapos uban nimo imo lalabs, haaay! Hehehe.

  5. you're one lucky lady!

  6. Anonymous9:28 AM

    wow! what a lovely lake, sarap mag picnic near the lake,diba? love your place too Novs! same here maraming lake very clean hindi tulad ng beach natin naku very dirty na pero swim parin tayo ng swim kahit alam natin na daming dirty na talaga. Miss ko na nga ang beaches natin pati mga swimming pools sa davao, ohh kailan pa kaya ako makauwi nito, hehehe..

  7. Anonymous1:04 PM

    hi there. just visiting on this sunny afternoon in new jersey.

  8. Anonymous2:32 PM

    thanks for stopping by, good to see you.

  9. buti pa asawa mo marnong magluto. yung asawa ko wala talagang alam! kahit magprito ng itlog! hahahaha... kakainis. swerte mo day. =)

  10. Anonymous5:12 PM

    oi sounds like youre able to adjust your new life ha.thats nice nov's


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