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Enter Makeover from Artefill and Win $10,000

I have been hearing my mom complaining of how old she is getting everyday. As she's already 58 years old she sometimes have a self pity and that hurts me more than hearing those words that comes out from her mouth.

Before suggesting her to visit parlors and do makeovers and beautifying herself she was this kind of very simple woman. Taking care of her kids and the whole family as well, now we are old, can take care of ourselves and even other has their own family, she is still not trying to have fun and relax. She works a lot not for us, but here point of view is that someday, if they gets much older and decided to retire, she and my father will have enough money to finance them. I was really touched that she told me they are not going to depend on their kids, as they know that each will have their own lives and family. And don't want to give hard time to each of them, it is pretty touching but sometimes, older shouldn't think that they are a pain for us, especially to their kids.

Anyways, we encourage my mom to went into beautifying herself and she did, it gives her totally big difference from the old and kinky lady to a new and blooming grandma. Suggested her to dress what would not make her feel older instead and becomes more simple and look younger.

Great news that Artefill is encouraging us and to our older ladies to their kindness makeover and you could actually win over $10,000 makeover if you will join their contest. Interesting right? So am I that's why I'm trying to join here and hopefully I will be bless enough, so I can send my mom to a makeover and so that she'll be having this new blooming life.

You too, can win this, try to join them and click it here.Makeover contest is such an amazing contest I could think of because it's not only giving the chance to every older woman, it also reminds us that we should not neglect on how and what we look even if we are getting older. We need to beautify ourselves as well not for others but for our partners in life too.

So what are you waiting for? Visit them now and send your entries and stories of your life experiences about how and what you are. As Artefill is celebrating women's changing lives.
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