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I feel GOOD...

I can say that today is my lucky day, why??? Because I made it again, hurray for me!!! After been not that active in grabbing opps at PayPerPost lately it makes me feel that now I'm coping up with them.

We all knew that I have no jobs here and I want to make money at least, hoping I can do some advertisements online. And this is certainly a big help for me, so my Fiancee could actually see that even if I'm at home, I could share some of my profit to our daily needs and for some bills to pay from what I got paid for and earned.

Thank you PPP and Thank you myself.


  1. congratulations sister! more blogging power to you.

  2. wow, sis,,, buti ka pa. hay sana pwede na blog ko sa PPP.

  3. Wow sis i just read this now. But, better late than never congratulations novs.

    Bawi jud ka sis no sa mga adlaw nga wa kay oops diri sa pinas.

    Am happy for u!


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