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FORWARDED EMAIL: Let Go and Be Happy

Just want to share what does this pictures says here.

I'm off to Niagara Falls with the fiancee and some of his family, I'll be back and will share you some sceneries that I will make sure that I would not forget to take pictures.


  1. Have a safe trip to NIagara Falls, NOvs. Take care.

    Anyway, got something for u...

  2. Such a nice picture & post.

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  3. have a great sunday, nova.

  4. hi Novs, how are you? hope all is well with you and your mahal **winks** btw google is updating their sire again ma'am imelda got her PR3 na from PR0 diba masaya. Hope you will have that PR you've been craving since here in PI hehhe... just give my regard to jeff

  5. sis tagged u here.

  6. Hello! Wishing you a beautiful last week of July!

    Have a great time!


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