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How did you get yourself into that mess?

Okay, okay... I will tell you everything why I did get into this much bills that I have now, I owned two major credit card since I was still working way back in Philippines. During those time, everyone is eager and willing to have credit cards as it is more easier to get what you want. That is absolutely right, but I haven't seen the other side part of it. So, I was still on the process of buying so many things for myself and will deal about it later on when I got my salary to pay off this bills. Without not enough understanding and knowledge how this credit card really buzz you off and sometimes would never left you? I was really dismay that I can't even buy for a cash payment because I will really have to pay off my credit cards / bills before they will get me a very high interest for the whole debt that I owe from them. I was into Credit counseling so I would know how to pay off all this debts that I have with my two credit cards, aside from that I started to owe cash from my siblings and that makes everything worst.

I do know that I don't have enough income every 15th day to pay off all this debts, because I wasn't really thinking about anything as long as I can buy this and that. Which is absolutely horrible for me, that was the nightmare that I thought I would never get up and freed from it. Credit counseling is a very good help for me, and so does to those who have been into nightmare with or on how to solve this problems that you think it will never get over with., is here to give us all assistance and guidance into making / fulfilling our lives, the dreams that we once have will be guide it is because they will make sure that we won't be stocked into something that would held us down.
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