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This is C R A Z Y !!!

Why?????????? Because... because... because....

Okay.. I am calm down now, I do hope.. hehehehe.... I never knew Google will be such an awesome to me starting this day. Why? we all knew that they have given blogs a ratings now and I really didn't expect this at all, well although I do deserved something like raise like this this just gives me the time of my life to be more happier. hehehehe.. isn't that obvious?

Okay, here how it start to drives me crazy... When the fiancee is away [for work], then does me who dashed to the computer as I didn't touched it for a day [Sunday] because we went to Niagara Falls and did something more excitement and fun. Moreover, I went to PPP of course to check if I do have some goodies to post with, because I do need some extra moolah lately you know. I got post, yup, and when I checked out the 'qualified requirements' I found out that, RealRank says 'anyrank', and checked for the 'Minimum Google Rank' which is PR 2, still I didn't thought about the raised.

As, PPP mentioned that they are after of the 'RealRank' than, the PR of Google, I listened to my instinct and checked 'Account Settings' and to my surprised. This is what I found out.

I am overwhelmed wit this, very much because after all the hard works that I did, I think I need some break and Awards sometimes. - Glitter Graphics

A Thousand THANKS for GOOGLE, you Guys ROCK!!!


  1. congrats nov's ako domain kay PR0 na hehehehe

  2. Congrats sisterhood! I am happy too coz my other blog got PR3. Oh gosh, i was so happy. But sis, i reserve some apprehensions because last time i only have my PR 3 for a week, hehehe then it crashed down to pr 0. In short, i am traumatized!!! hehehe.

  3. Anonymous10:55 AM

    congrats Nova, you deserve to have this rank.. Have a great day to you
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  4. Hey..

    Congrats...enjoy the PR while it's there.

    Ate J

  5. hello dai,congrats sa imo desserve it...pero ang ako kay nawala hehe pero ok ra atleast naka pahimus ko.hehe ingat.....

  6. Hi! I've got something for you!

  7. Wow PR2! Good for u, Novs. So dami na naman u opps niyan. Grab opps as much as u can. Hehe.

    Take care!

  8. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Good for you na hala use it while it is hot somtimes google will take it back so gamitin mo na. Mine the 3 na got pr3 now become pr0 but its ok...TC

  9. na mao.wirdo lagi daw ko ingon akong bana.dli gani ko moshare ug mga kababalaghan sa iya ka panganlan lang nya kog buang.harharhar.

    na oi u deserve it man pud kay mao baya na reward nako sa ko constant visitor bisan wa lami akong blog or bisan click lang gud.heheheh. karon kay bisi jud ko kay daghan na kaayo kog blogs lagpas mga hapit na 20 kabook...harharharh...

    na hala sige oi diri na lang ko taman.

    salamat sa visit. ug na magadjust pa jud ka ana sa imong life diha.mga after two years ok ok na na...maka adjust na ka.

    have a nice day. stay as sweet as u r pud. ug pagpabilin nga gwapa until forever.

  10. congrats! by d way, i got a tag for you here:

  11. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Congrats oi, akong 4 ka blogs nga naay PR, gitamparos kog PR 0 tanan.

    Lain pod ato, naa na diay ka diri sa US. Unsa mana imong entry nga naa may walmart. that means, naa na jud ka diri? magawagay ta oi, unsa imong YM ID. mao ning ako, pls add me up ha.

  12. hello..congrats kaayo kay naa na PR imohang blog. hapy blogging!


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