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I Miss You So Much myspace graphic comments

Once we have an Angel which we really misses him so much. We might not be able to see him physically for sure we know that he never leaves our side and helps us to go to the right path and helps us to be protected from harm and into everything. An innocent Angel to be with his family.

For some reason until now I still miss him so much as if it just happens like yesterday. For 5 years now, I was thinking of what he would look like and how he gave us joy and laughter.

I don't want to be a greedy, he was given to us and now he needs to get back from the one WHO CREATES EVERYTHING...

You know Lance that how much I love you and how much We all misses you. Your name will never be forgotten and I'll make sure that someday I'll be calling you once again.


  1. Hi girl friend,

    Thanks for the visiting sa ako site girl friend.

  2. Hi Novs...

    What a sad post. But it's ok...sometimes we have to let it out or it will eat us alive.

    Just be consoled knowing he's now with our Maker....and in a much happier place.

    Ate J

  3. Hello Novs!

    Your post is so touching. Cheer up, Sis. There's always a reason for everything. Just keep in mind that he's now in a better place.

    Take care and thanks for the visit. Ayo ayo diha! (",)


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