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A Last Treat as a Single...

Days before I departed GenSan, I decided to have a get together with my friends. But mostly were not here anymore so there are only few of them whom I invited and text for dinner, those who are much closer to me. I don't like to have this big party, but a fine and simple dinner treat would be great and memorable.

So there was Mistica, Twinkle and Wella, but she didn't make it so there were only 3 of us at Giaco Resto. Chat a little, took some pictures and then decided to go home afterwards.

It is not that simple to leave those true and close friends you have as we don't know if we can find someone like them on the other place that you will be staying. We've been friends for almost 12 years now. But I do hope that I could find more friends, in my life stage of life. True friends are rare and I am so thankful that I do have them.

Here's some of the pictures we took before and after we had our dinner.

I'm gonna miss your company girls...

Mistica n' Me, while waiting for the food

Me n' Twinks - the side effects of the food for twinks

Us again... at last we are stuffed...

Done with our dinner...

Outside the Resto... on our way home...


  1. you're right, sis. true friends are rare. we're just lucky we've met them.

    15 years na pud mi sa ko barkada and still counting. isn't it nice? murag kamo pud ba. (",)


  2. Novs,
    Nice photos here!
    Mustamos na dinha?



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