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Your Opinion...

As you all knew that I am here with my fiancee in NY, USA now and I have a lot of paperworks and appointments to do as what you all have undergo. Now, I need your opinion with this as I get more confused into everything, for sure you have your experiences and I want to hear it.

1) What would be the best time to apply for SSN? [Social Security Number] Would it be single or after you are married?

2) Have you undergo getting a vaccination [TD] in your state local health center and then called a credited surgeon to transcribed it for you and just pay him/her for it? Tell me what did you do?

Please, if you know something, I really need your advices and experiences with this.

Thank you very much..

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  1. I have no idea... I'm in Europe.... LOL! Just passing by! Hope to see you around in my corner!!! Have a nice day ahead! Ganda, jan na ba u tlaga, when u balik Pinas?


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