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Bruises from Vaccines...

Last Wednesday was my 2 months stay here in Jamestown and that is also the day that we decided to get a shots from the local health center here in New York State. Everything goes well and except for the fact that I will be needing 2 shots instead of 1 that was required from the SLEC before. And here comes the accredited surgeon that would translate my form I-693 and told me that there was a new requirement from the immigration about another shot that I need to take. Wooow! That was surprising to me, but just to make things done I get another shot for Gardisil and men! you would not imagine how much that cost for that new 'required vaccination' it cost us $130 bucks! Now, we are broke hahaha... I know I cost too much but I'm worth paying for that kind of amount. Not only me but mostly Pinay.. hehehehe...

The nurse was very kind and I got even a compliments from her as she appreciate that "I speak English so well", she thought I've been here for a long time. But I said nope, just got here last month and was staying here for only 2 months. Asked me where I learned it well obviously our schools makes sure that we learn and understand English right? Though I am not good into verbs, nouns and etcetera... Still that was a great compliment to take and carry for the rest of the day.

Now, after 2 days from the shots my two shoulders were sore and swollen. I can handle it though but sometimes when your unconscious you just can't stop yourself from turning into sides right? Men, that's really uncomfortable to me.

That's okay, as long as I am done with this vaccination thingy, oh.. I need to go back after 1 month for another shot. At least I want to end this thing.


  1. I am glad to hear you have overcome this thing. I heard many bloggers complaining about it when they live in the US. Buti nlng dito sa Europe libre lahat..

  2. at least it is for your health dear... long live and be ready for the next shot! ^^

  3. bruises after injection is natural. I remembered it when i was still akid, in fact i have marks in both my left and right biceps (near the shoulder part) even it was much years ago...


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