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Let us help Alzheimer's Disease...

We all knew that Alzheimer is one of the most hideous disease that we can never figure out to find a remedy in just one way. Well, there are a lot of ways to cure that disease but it is the matter of patience and acceptance. I can still remember that my boss way back when I was still working in the Philippines that she's suffering with this Alzheimer though she is not that old as you think she is. The only way that she would help herself about it is that she will write down everything that she needs to do, wants to do and important activities within school or personal life that she have. I know all this things because aside from me being the secretary in the University under Academics I was turned out to be also her personal secretary so meaning I do know every single thing about her life. And yes, I don't talk it to anybody else because it is purely personal and I don't want her not to trust me anymore.

It is good that we have a campaign of Alzheimer that way it would help to warn mostly women getting older and to help them to fight with being forgetful after reaching older age. The Alzheirmer's Association are teaming up all of us by doing Alzheimer's Memory Walk this would make us the nation move together. This would be a great chance for us to get together and move for this kind of disease.

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