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Haven't Paid Me...

I know the terms and conditions of triple P's way on paying their bloggers and it was supposed to be like 30 days after you made and approved your reviews. But now, I have encounter a very delayed payment for like almost 5 days now. And they haven't paid me yet, if anyone do know what's going on or have encountered with this kind of situation. It would be nice and appreciated if you can tell me or share it with me.

Or I might be the one who experiencing this kind of delayed payment.

This would be the 2nd day of my babysit, I will try to walk to the house of the fiancee's sister, if I can make it and if it's not gonna rain too. Though I am scared but I do have a printout map from, still I'm starting to feel paranoid and scared.

I hope to stand up for this and so I will not be scared just anytime.


  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Thanks to the owner of this blog. Ive enjoyed reading this topic.

  2. Hey...

    Don't worry about the delay in payments. Ako din there are times na late din ang bayad but they pay. Like today...yung iba last Friday pa ata due but I only got the payments today.

    Ate J

  3. you'll go to your sister-in-law to be's house by just using a map? yay, kahadlok. talawan kaayo ko ba. lol.

    take care though.

  4. i've experienced this,girl.. dont worry about it. theyre gonna pay u.mine i think took like a week or so. pero they still paid me. :)

  5. you can send them an email through the support.. they pretty much answer questions asap... but there are times that they are a bit behind... but they pay...


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