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Pineapple Express uses International Oddities Products

Have you ever heard about a "Pineapple Express"? If you don't then there is some background about this. This is one of famous thing actors and actresses uses in the movies and it is also known as the International Oddities which is they used the have fake smoke.

Yes, if you can see that they really have this actual sipping of some what kind of a mini cigarette while they are acting and making the whole movie for real.

They also got Bill Black who reveals the secret of the MTV Pineapple Express Fake weed Smoke-out paroday at the 2008 MTV Awards. This is also legal as it's been used by many actors or actress which we see on the televisions. It is as well legal because it is made out of fruits.

You might wonder what is International Oddities non-tobacco legal bud smoking products have found their way into so many Hollywood movies that it's no wonder our line ended up being used throughout the movie Pineapple Express.

That means, you can buy some of this too online as it is legal and you can used it, it would not bring you some harm because this is only fruits. If you are interested and trigger to know more about this, you can check and visit for more and might be able to choose what you like to try online on their own web page.
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