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Hmmm.. let's just say this Sunday isn't my day and it's not the day that I thought it would be. Nothing much happened either.

I feel like I don't belong here, in this place where I am now. It is really annoying that why would I have to go into a totally different world when I have an amazing life way back to where I was? It is really HARD TO ADJUST AND BE AWAY FROM YOUR WHOLE FAMILY. And feels like you are totally ALIEN into a strange place.

Have you ever think that you wish you were not that faraway from you family instead? Have you ever think that you wish you just stayed home and be happy into a simple life that you have?

Confusing isn't it? I do hope that I will overcome this pain and loneliness that I am feeling right now. I don't want to be immature, but this freakin' adjustment is really not that easy.

I'll tell you more about the ever first concert that I've been into here.


  1. Anonymous11:50 PM


    I know how exactly you feel baya. Bisag medyo dugay nako dinhi I feel gihapon na I don't belong usahay but you'll get over it. No one said baya na it's easy mag adjust pero ana jud ang life sa ubang nasod. How's your weekend? We just got home. :) ttyl.

  2. Take it easy, Novs. Perhaps you're just homesick. Ana man jud na. You'll get over it in time. Layo baya ka, di baya puwede baktason ra balik diri sa Gensan. Hahaha.

    Cheer up girl! Take care!

  3. For me, it is okay. I have been a wandering sould from the beginning. The farther I am and the newer the place, the better for me.

    Maybe it is just that i am too young and loves adventure?

  4. hi nova! got a tag for you!

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  6. hi sis, i understand what you feel...pag nalulungkot ka, buzz mo lang ako para chat tayo.

  7. That's homesick, Novs. I know you're tough. You will overcome it in no time. Sorry karon lang ko kavisit. Hope everything is well for you today!


  8. Anonymous4:29 PM

    you feel the same thing I felt before nov..i think mine is worst that you because the speak different language here. French is our national language here in Quebec, Canada. At first, I can't talk to anybody than the family of my hubby. Most of the people here don't speak english and not even understand. Agwanta lang jud ko hehehe. So far, dili nako malibak nila dire he he he..don't worry nov, time to time, makaadjust naka diha with the help of you hubby and his family.

    by the way, naa koy tag nimo in this link

    have a nice day:-)


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