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Went for a Rock n' Roll!

Last Saturday [9th of August] we went to see Boston & Styx Live at Seneca Allegancy Casino here in Bhurmington NY. It was the ever first American Concert that I went to, My Mahal's brother bought tickets for the 5 of us for like $75 per piece. Yes, he spent like $375 for the tickets only together with his girlfriend that we are curious to meet, this friend name Madison, Me and Mahal.

The concert starts at 8pm and good thing when we got there it's like 20 minutes before the concert starts. We planned to gamble for a while, but it's just I want to try but I don't want too? That's the feeling that I felt. Before we get inside the Casino the security asked for my ID, I showed him my passport and so does Jeffy too. Well, that's the 2nd time around that I was asked for an ID, hopefully they would not think I'm too young to get inside the Casino.

Mahal even joked around that, 'THEY MIGHT THINK YOUR UNDER 21' that's why they need some ID to see. I do know why they are checking the ID's it is because I'm obviously be noticed that I'm not American.

So let's go back to the concert, the first one to perform was the STYX, I think they started during the way that I was not planned to be make yet... hehehehe... 1970's and yes, so does BOSTON mostly of the audience is old people. Like your mom and dad, and your grandparents too. There are some young people and even a kid was there to watched. I do hope that they enjoyed though the music they played is rock and mellow. I do heard some of the songs they performed but I could not remember that titles.

I hurt my neck because I need to stretch it that much to see them perform on the stage, though they have big screens where you can watch from there, but hey! it is still different when you watched them on stage and live right? You'll feel the vibe, but I wish I bring an extra pillow with me so I could sit on it and at least be seen what's going on in the stage, hahaha. But no, end up trying so hard to keep my head up high and seen them performed.

I took couples of pictures for each band to show you here.

[click picture to enlarge]

STYX performed first

still STYX, they are cool band...

One of STYX vocal and rhythm guitar...


they performed fine, they are okay I am just sleepy that's why
I find their songs like a lullaby to my ears

Each band performed for like 1 1/2 hours and the shows end around 11:30pm. Got home around 1:00AM.

I do have fun, it's amazing how this artist played their instruments and how they will amused their crowd too.


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

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  2. Wow!!! Hope to visit Boston too... Your lucky sis your in the foreign land but you don't need to go to school for their language... unlike me.... I know how you feel now... but tiyaga lang sis ma overcome mo rin yan homesickness na yan... Just passing by and asking for your help, I was nominated for Pinoyworld blog of the week. Hope you can vote my Pretty Life Online here!!!

  3. New template huh? In fairness, its easily accesible karon sis unlike the old one. I hope to know how to edit a template, but i can't. It is Rosemarie who helps me with my lay out and templates. I can't do with out here, hehehe.

    Sis, homesick jud ka diha. I knw the feeling sis. I have been away for 3 months from my family and boy i was crying every night. But jeff, shud always console u from time to time. Cge lang sis ul overcome that feeling.

  4. Anonymous8:44 PM

    hi sis wow new look pala itong palasyo mo, ganda ah =) musta ka na? ako heto kakauwi lang.

  5. Anonymous1:46 AM

    i love the styx kahit hindi ko sila ka-batch hehehe! i like Boston too:) wow, mahal ng concert tickets nila ha. glad you enjoyed the concert:)

  6. Anonymous2:43 AM

    At least you enjoyed since you have had fun despite of the word 'lullaby' you used there.. ^^

    Wow! Cool photos yung mga kus mo Novs coz the last one, it's like ..well i dunno how to explain.. i guess ganda ng camera mo no? Kuhangkuha yung yellow lights.

  7. So, how was the concert, Novs? Di ba alingogngog? Hehehe.


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