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Beauty School

When I was a little girl, I love to put make up neither on my face nor to my cousins while we were playing and even I remember that I pretend to own a parlor. I want them to come to me all the time just to beautify themselves, and that’s my job for the entire playing..

Until now, I love to put make up but occasionally because I still want to be simpler as the true beauty can be seen in the natural of a woman. As I was been thinking of putting light make ups to myself, hence, I don’t know how? Out of curiosity, I found online that there is a school where I can enhance my passion and likes with make up and how to make people / women even prettier in simple ways. beauty schools in illinois is the answer for my advance classes for this beauty. Regency has a growing association of campuses and placement relationships, from salons to cruise ships and runways. The good thing also is when I graduated and employers ask where I did my schooling for sure they will spare me a job/training as Regency is predictable and required after throughout the United States.

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