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For some reason, today I finally got bored here at home. I tried to do everything but, I don't know I just really feel the boring life and its killing me and I don't like it at all. Then, here comes the painful back and left arm and foot. I tried to clean and do anything but I don't know what's going on with me today. I think I just need some sleep? unfortunately, I didn't take a nap. Instead, I tried to amused myself by watching the CHARMED tv series again and that helps. Polished my nails for my shower tomorrow and that helps too, finally hubby arrives and now I have someone to talk too. Still, I don't understand, I guess I just need more sleep huh... So, I'm going to hit the sack now... and may you all have a wondrous weekend...



  1. Anonymous12:45 AM

    what happened to the other one?

  2. Anonymous12:49 AM

    very cool.

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  4. Anonymous12:55 AM

    im here because of few cents for you. just dropping by.

  5. Anonymous12:56 AM

    what happened to the other one?

  6. Anonymous12:57 AM

    yeah! its much better,

  7. Anonymous1:05 AM

    im your favorite reader here!

  8. Anonymous1:06 AM

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  9. Anonymous1:08 AM

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  10. Anonymous1:10 AM

    not bad.

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  12. you know there were times that i felt bore too hehe
    esp when everyone in our house were not around
    but in somehow being your self in a solitude will make ways for you to think some great ideas hehe
    have agreat day its nice to be here at your blog

  13. sis, ako gihapon ba ma bore ko sa akong life kanunay pero cge lang oi kay naa man ang internet. just keep yourself busy and you'll get through it.dapat naa na kay' baby aron dili boring.

  14. Anonymous7:11 AM

    nternet can be boring at times too.. try to be more interactive Novs, go out, shopping.. or even window shopping... take your camera out, enjoy the envisronment... ^^ Hope you're okay now.

  15. Anonymous6:14 PM

    hi nov, i can feel what you feel, when i was new here in US, that was 5 years ago, i got bored a lot too, i was crying almost every night, and i didn't have a hubby then nor have anyone at home. internet and TV did not help at all :( . i would go out all by myself, watch people in the mall, hihihi, go to the beach, take a walk to the lake, and i was living in Connecticut then. came winter, my students would tell me I was super crazy because I would still take a walk or would go running even when no one was on the road probably because of thick snow and extreme cold. luckily, I survived that first year of being new in US. i know you will :)

  16. Try to think of happy thoughts, Sis or keep yourself busy or better yet, katulog na lang. Lol. Ana ko ba. Hehe.

    Niwey, got something for u...

  17. Hi Novs...

    Salamat sa dalaw. Kahapon lang nag start ang 'renovation' sa aking blog.

    Anyway, I guess it's normal to feel that way especially pag nag iisa ka sa house. Luckily I got pregnant before boredom got me. Ngayon? I have a chatter box who does not stop talking. Kahit pag tulog nagsasalita minsan. what I'm saying on that little bundle of joy....hahahaha....I'm telling you you will never be bored in your life [at least for the next 18 or so years]....

    Ate J


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