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Bridal Shower Part I

As so the day is here, last 11th of October my sister in laws planned for the said “Bridal Shower” for me. In spite of the delayed due to inconvenient plans, they still make everything possible, comfortable for every one and fabulous one. The whole family was there, the presents and the game. I had a blast to tell you and to be honest since my sister were married we don’t usually practice bridal shower right? And yup, this is my first, I had fun and everything is really perfect.

The gifts? Well, I will tell you on my next entry, I’ll make sure that I have shown everything and wouldn’t want to miss any too.



  1. Hi Novs...

    Good to know you had a great time. Can't wait to see pics.

    Ate J

  2. i never had a chance to see a bridal shower hehe
    well simply because im a man and i know that bridal shower was intended for women and im so excited to se some pics from you
    have a great day thanks for visiting my blog

  3. Anonymous12:38 AM

    wow, glad you had a wonderful blast on your bridal shower nova.we'll be waiting for your pics :)

  4. Hi,

    Glad to hear that the Bridal shower went great.
    Looking forward to see the photos..

    Take care.


  5. i wish I can be there to share the fun. I really want to congratulate you Nova. May you have many more years to share with your lovebidoods
    Ester's Raptured Dreams
    Ester's Celebrity Blog
    Array Of Hopes

  6. good na naka exp ka anang bridal, wa na shower shower oi.hehheeh wa budget ba, wa monach.

    nwys, shift nako wordpress karon. Mabelle. naa complication sa akong site. hehehehe.

    You take good care always. God bless.


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