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The First time I've seen Snow

The moment I was here everyone is asking me about "how was it for me here?" the different of both countries. And one of them is the weather, friends and in laws warned me about the massive snow during winter and how possibly it be cold more than I think about it. Okay, now I don't want to think about negative thought during winter season, because this will be my first year and first time ever to experience different season too.

Anyhow, as the weather news telecast about what's gonna be the weather on the next day, I got excited on the ground that I want to experience and see snow in my own two eyes plunging from the sky.

While, shaking the rag outside the house, I didn't expect it that at the same time diminutive snow starts to plunge from the sky. At first it was a raindrops then next came the snow, I couldn't stop from smiling and hurriedly brought out my camera and starts taping it.

Wanna know my repercussion? Look at this and listen and tell me what I felt during the first time I've seen snow.

What about you? Tell me what was the first experience you had when you finally see the plunging snow.


  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    are you from upstate? how's your weather now?

  2. Anonymous2:13 PM

    hello Nova!
    now i too have seen your 1st snow experience. when i saw the abundant fall of snow last Sunday, i was really excited and called my sister. (it isn't my first time to see it but always gives me so much joy to see them. it's one of God's wonderful creation) i tried to take a picture of it with my phone and like you, only a little bit are visible or captured in the lenses.
    ready for the next one?

  3. hehehe! Snowflakes is an overwhelming impression of the supernatural power... I remember the first time I saw snow ... LOL! imagine this was quite new experience... It was ridiculously incredible. I just had to leave everything else, and go outside. What's up sis?

  4. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Hi Nova, wow, thanks for sharing your video. Do not worry, you will have a really snow covered grounds video next time, haha! Actually, my first experience of snow was in school, my students know I have never seen snow in my whole life knowing I came from the Pilippines. When it snowed, they told me, "oh-oh, I think it is about time to take a break from inside the classroom and move our lesson outside!" Hahahaha, actually, I gave in to my students, we all went outside, and I let them goof around with me catching snowflakes. :)

  5. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Hi Nova girl got you a tag...

  6. i love winter hehehhee i arrived here in the middle of the big snow fall hehehe and believe it or not it was jan 26 and the temperature was -26 was very cold but i didnt felt any cold at all because i was wearing good cloth. Until now, i still love winter especially if there is a big snow fall..

    enjoy your winter nov:-)

  7. look like u had the time of your life, sis. sayang, di man ma klaro ang snow sa video. ako kaya, when makakita snow? lol.

  8. Anonymous6:37 AM

    It was actually last year, or mag wa-one year na.. I was in the house and in the same terrace you can see from this link and i was wondering if people around were throwing cottons! Hahaha!

    Anyway, that was cool!

  9. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I do not like winter, it is sooo darn cold! I love summer now that im in Holland but if I am Italy, I prefer spring, a shift from too cold to just cool...

    Snow? Not my cup of tea.. I never really dreamed of living in a 4 season country... I still prefer Philippine weather.

  10. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I heard that Nova! WOw! Very pleasant neighborhood... it is not so clear with the image but the sound, it was obviously snowing...

    No snow can be found where i stay because this country is relatively wet and snow melts... unlike the rest of the western and northern europe.

  11. not so clear sis in the video, i was super excited to view it, but the snowlflkes werent that visible yet in the camera. Sis post some about ur first experi4nces there.

  12. hi sis, wow...i bet you won't forget your first time ever experience in seeing snow. Ako nasa fridge ang snow ko. LoL.


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