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It’s cold here….

Yup, the weather [I think] is starting to get cold. The whole day it was 47 degrees F. And I am pretty much chillin’ inside the house, even though I had my socks on with me and pants still the cold gets inside of it. I wonder how pissed and bitching about all this cold weather to my husband. I won’t tell but well find it out.

Another night at bowling, they don’t play well, the good news is that hubby got highest point among his teammate and they used to play good in the first game and they messed up to the 2nd until the 3rd game ending up to have just one game won. The good thing is, they won the draw and earned $35 that will be split at unto the whole season is over.

Hoping that soon they will at least win the whole game, who knows the ball, is round.

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  1. Oh, I dont know if I can stand that coldness. I guess I can never go to the U.S. because Im used to our climate here in the Philippines.


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