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Moving In..

Later last night, the hubby decided to move in his adorable plants inside the house as it is started to get really chill outside that the plants might not be able to survive it. He got so busy, lifting things, chairs, and assorted plants, re-arranged it himself inside the house. I was also busy chatting and doing some blogging anticipating that I might be grab at least one review post. Considering that it’s like forever to me that since the last time I made a paid post. Knowing with the purpose of earning it for my papers that way I won’t be alienated in this country. Nevertheless, if I have the lawful papers I may be able to help him and earn saving for the future.

Lets, go back to the plants.. it is not that I’m not concern with it, but they are all heavy and this chillin temperature here just makes me feel so lazy and with jacket and big clothes that I’m wearing makes me uncomfortable.

Good thing he had a good quality feel when rearranging the plants and make the dining room even more like a forest mode… hahahaha… I am glad that my awesome adorable and cute plant which is cactus is already inside the house, I will not be bothered to lift it up as it was all settle in a small pot and on the perfect location.

Check where the bana placed them:



  1. wow! your hubby has bunch of plants... of all, i love the cactus with a red, is that flower?

    anyway passing by here novs... kmusta?

  2. @MARIE:

    girl its nice to hear from you again.... i'm not sure about this cactus, i was attracted when i saw this at walmart... might be its flower... its soo nice.. yup.. nice to know that hubby is an environmentalist person...

    thanks for the visit my dear... hope i can hear from you here more often...


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