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Okay, this isn’t a post; however, it is something about 3P which I have noticed lately. It’s neither negative nor positive it is just because maybe I did something that it won’t be an automatic approved. I know the reasons why they need to review my grammars for the advertisers concern too. And I am blaming nobody here though, thus I was used to the automatic approve system; hence not wait for 3 days or so before they approved my post. And that sucks right? The days will not be counted after I submitted it instead wait for days before it gets approve then that’s where it starts the counting for the payment.

I must be asking too much, but I definitely need extra cash well every one does knowing that holidays are fast approaching. Hayyyy…. I could only wish that it will go back to an automatic approve or whatever you call it.



  1. Hi sis, it goes the same way with my posts, too. Where b4 i get auto approved for tasks, not anymore now. PPP might have changed their system sis, recently.

  2. @IMELDA:
    -which is suchs... i do understand them for those who have grammars problem.. just like me hahahahaha.. well, i am not AB in English you know.. although i'm trying to correct my grammars....duh.. as if ako lang mag-isa ang di naapprovahan dahilan sa grammar errors... i think they change there system na siguro.

  3. i still have auto approved. it depends on the opp. pero they still check it. buti ka nga may mga opp ka pa.. ako kulelat. hay...


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