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Sunday Movie Marathon

Since, hubby has to go to work for at least 5 hours due to the day off they had last Thursday, since after cleaning the house I feel like watching new released movies and that are hits in blockbusters. I am so impatient that I want to watch 2 from the 5 movies I downloaded online, which I find it cheaper and even interesting to do this day. Considering that I am all alone AGAIN in the house as it leads me into a Movie Marathon.

I’ve watched earlier of this year’s release and boxed sets. SEX IN THE CITY, okay it’s not nudity but instead it is one of the hot television series before that they finally came up something of ending the movie perfectly well. Fans rejoice! As Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon is back once again for another beyond belief movie. Carrie which Sarah Jessica Parker’s character and the girls are back and this time they are on the big screen in a glitzy, glamorous hit! I won’t talk too much but seeing the movie yourself will make the whole thing in thrill.

Another movie that I’m dying to watched is THE LITTLE MERMAID – ARIEL’S BEGINNING played by Jodi Benson. Hehehe, I know your familiar with it and its for kids from Walt Disney’s new release of The Little Mermaid. This was released exclusively last August this year, knowing that there is another movie of it I was giggled to watch it so badly. But when we went to Malls or online it was very expensive for a single movie. Yet, interesting too right? So, I downloaded it for FREE and watched it today too. In conclusion, my soul is at peace now and yes like the old one I LOVE EVERYTHING IN IT.

Well, I must grow up seeing as I’m married now, however I can’t stop the child side of me. You can’t blame me, hehehehe… I just love fancy movies. If you have kids, let them watch it I can tell you that they will sure love it.


  1. hi nov, you're lucky that you have time to watch movie. Ako for now, wala jud koy time..we're too busy since last week and this week. I hope makarelax nami next week hehehhee

    I'm just checking you here..have a nice day

  2. eloww day avon.. sowe now lang me naka balik bisita jud..saonz busy taping oi.. kaw kunoy artista sa suok lalim ba?

    lami kaayo mag inusara napud balik sa? byaan sa bana kay mo trabaho.. ako bag o rako gi ataki sa ka homesick oi lami kau ilupad napud balik sa yuta kong sinilangan.. agi rako Avon

  3. Anonymous11:56 PM

    i think you should keep the child in you despite being married for we'll end up having too many wrinkles if we forget how to laugh and enjoy like a child, hihi. but of course, in other aspects, we have to be matured in our decision making too. so, nothing wrong with watching those type of movies. you deserve it :)

    I hope you are enjoying your first fall here.

  4. Anonymous1:22 AM

    I had a good time with movies lately too.. Especially this weekend for i had a long weekend Nov, My work (part time)lasted till wednesday only so super pahinga and I was so glad... Now am busy again with all the companies contacting me and setting appointments..Hope the schedules go fine and don't complicate against each other with my part time job, which, i do hope i can leave when I get hire permanently.

  5. Anonymous1:23 AM

    I don't like Sex and the City so much although lots of my buddies were crazy about it in college.. I dunno why. Lately I am hooked with Tom Hanks..all his movies... the old ones.. the ones i missed.. I don't personally like the person and his fame but I do love his acting.. Superb!

  6. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Stay relax and enjoy your free time sistah for when you get back to work, believe me, it is not too easy to have time for these, especially when you get you have plans? hehehhe...tsismosa noh!

  7. sis, bored to deah na jud kay ka noh? anyway, keep busy na lang aron makalimtan sa imong beauty ang ka home sick.

    sis, unsaon man nako pag ayo sa akong post oi nga 123 spoof? unsaon pag atach sa mp3 clip before and after sa video ba? gi-rejct na kay di mao.

  8. I love sex and the city, been following the series. hehe
    yaay! apir! i'm a big fan of animated movies.. i saw the "the little mermaid" movies many times... I don't think you need to grow up or stop watching such movies bcoz you're married na, it's actually a good bonding moment with your kids..ako kay cge tan-aw cartoons with my lil girl..hehehe..lingaw.

  9. i wand to see the sex and the city too...maybe i just have to wait the dvds here...hehehe...

    btw,thanks for visiting allinkorea.

  10. @WebbiGurl:

    i'm not really a big fan of them too, pero sometimes there are lessons after their experiences, i dont like them being so liberated and sex isn't that sacred, you know naman we are so conservative and everything when it comes into private thing we are very much careful with it... but that's fine, i'm not close minded naman, so i find it nice... Tom Hanks.. i could agree with you more, his a very good actor... his gifted i think.. hahahaha.. i love his movies too... hands up for him...

  11. @IlovePH2:

    true, when i was in PI and have the job? hay... i don't have much time to watch movies talaga, its like my brain is so drain from work and sometimes i'm stress that i would choose to sleep when i got home...

    yup. i love kids and i want to have my own product.. parang item.. hahahaha... i want to see what they look like and want to feel to have your own family too, raise them the way our parents raised us... hehehehe... dramatic na beauty ko noh...

  12. @IMELDA:

    may naa kay windows movie maker? dali ra jud na ipang edit ba if naa ka ana.... buzz me when i'm online aron i can at least teach you how to do it...

    sometimes, bored na jud ko.. maong movie marathon nlng jud..usahay magkuting-kuting aning akong PC then explore and read html codes hehehehe

  13. @TWINKS:

    - nice... when i was in college, i used to follow the tv series of sex in the city, kasi walang magawa after studying, that's the best thing i think i can do for myself...and watching classic walt disney cartoon is such an experience to me as i was been watching them over and over when i was a kid and until now, di pa rin ako nagsasawa. i love it especially when they sing... hayyy...

    thanks for the comment twinks... u remind me of my dear friend way back in PI


    oh.. i dont buy or rent DVD sis, all i do is to download it online... since internet is free and after downloading it, i can choose to recopy it for keep or delete it...

    its nice to be update from the movies once in awhile...


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