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SWF: Gloomy sky

Look at that gloomy weather outside, as you can see the church in front of us has also been desecrate of that ominous sky. Wonder why it looked like that? Because as the past few days here, we have rain and snow alternately rule our weather. Mother Nature’s winter season is really in the air.

It is my first time to see snow in my whole life as we only got 2 season way back in Philippines. Fascinated by the white background I video taped and took pictures of every thing that is in front of my house and captured this church building with full of snows on it.

Good thing, I got this as these will be my SWF this Friday, yet it is still Thursday here in US…



  1. thanks for a reminder that winter is upon us.....

    Gill in Canada

  2. A sky, and a picture in all shades if gray :-) one of my favorit coulors.

    Nice weekend.

  3. Gloomy may be, but beautifully captured. I can feel a little shiver.

  4. Beautiful photo. Brrrrrr!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Take care.

  5. Amazing - snow - great shot.

  6. All depends on your viewpoint, to me the church has been decorated by God and made clean and white.

  7. Oh I love snow and that's a snowy sky

  8. Nice photo.... very nice.
    We had a bout that much snow the other week but it melted fast and now it is warm again and sunny... almost like a Spring Day.
    I like it.
    I'm not ready for winter!
    Mountain Retreat- Canada

  9. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Snow always fascinates me too - although after it's fallen and it starts getting dirty (and cold) my fascination wains quickly. Great post.

  10. It's still autumn here and we had a flurry yesterday. Brrr cold image.

  11. Anonymous10:46 PM

    what makes the picture become more special is that it is a church and all wrapped in white, lovely nova. love your shot.

  12. nice pic again, novs. ka nice sa snow tanawon. :)

    niwey, chika unta ta ym. ka chat man mo ni mabelle diba? ask ra nako niya imo ym id aron add taka. okie dokie? hehe.

    ingatz! mwah!

  13. Beautiful picture!

  14. We have rain here..
    No snow.. hehehe..
    I'm so wishing for a snow right now!
    TGIF! enjoy! :]

  15. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Looks like its already snowing...ITs really gloomy...TC

  16. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Oh my , snow already. It always makes for such a mysterious photo...

  17. Gloomy indeed! I hope you remain fascinated by the winter. I appears it's going to be a long one!

  18. It also snowed here yesterday and I am glad it 17 degrees this weekend. awesome temp for halloween.
    Ester's Raptured Dreams Ester's Celebrity Blog Array Of Hopes

  19. awwwww. winter already?!!!

    lots of snow here in terrace - but it's only by the mountains at the moment.

    i miss the philippines.

  20. oh snow... had a taste of snow, once... it's nice, but the warmth in the philippines is irreplaceable ;)

  21. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Happy Halloween Novs.

  22. tag for u sis

  23. Its freaking snow, please keep it we don't want it.

  24. Now you know how it is to have snow, noh? Kami walang snow dito....sayang. But I'm glad wala kasi ayaw ko ng super lamig...

    Musta na?

    Advance happy birthday! Halos magkasunod lang tayo, di ba? Nov 3 ka ba?

    Ate Jul

  25. Anonymous8:21 AM

    aw.. makes me shiver to see that image.. here is so chilly but no snow.. here will not likely to have snow i guess...

  26. Anonymous8:37 PM

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