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Happy Halloween...

The first time I celebrated Halloween away from my family and away from the usual celebration that I went into. We Filipinos would prefer to spend nights to the cementery next to our loved once who passed away in remembering that they were not forgotten. Others, choose to celebrate it with party and such. I love the usual ways we prepare and celebrate it, everyone is busy preparing for the foods, tents, things to bring with us at the cementery as we will be having our overnight stay. In spite of the thousand people who were patience to get in the private cementery we also enjoy watching different styles of flowers that was sell in front of the cementery. I can say that Filipino celebrate All Souls Day incomparable and memories continues as every celebration comes. I tell you that even if we do it once in a year, I do have different memories to cherish in each of celebration. Family bonding, laughter and knowing that you make your loved one souls feel happier as they sees that you exert effort to be with them, isn't that what we need?

Everything is just different now, and I must move on, hence that doesn't mean I will forget and tried to be like a western people. I can assure you that I maybe living here in different country? But I will never turn back my race and forget it, as I have just realized everything is incomparable when the first time I step in this country, I'll be a Proud Pinoy forever!

Anyways, I don't want to be more dramatic here and I just want to wish everyone a pleasant...



  1. happy halloween too, novs! :)

  2. Anonymous5:13 AM

    Dramatic nga sya Novs.. Hehehe

    All I say is, Happy All SOuls Day and Happy All Saints' Day to you.. I really dont care about this two as I am NOT into them.. am a NOT dogmatic Catholic, I may say.

  3. Anonymous5:15 AM

    I pass the same to you. We don celebrate that, I mean, for me and my lovey, it doesn't matter. It did not mater to me too before even I was in the Philippines.

    Anyway, someone in the family back n Italy has a birthday today and that was the real celebration.

  4. Anonymous5:16 AM

    For me, it is nether the halloween, nor the feasts of the souls and saints but it is exactly the day my feet wer set in Italy exactly one year ago...

    I still remmeber the feeling..

    But I am out of that country now.. Hopefully I would be in the UK soon.hehhee

  5. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Happy Halloween to all too!

    Enjoy this cool celebration everyone!

  6. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Happy Halloween Novs. I actually am a bystander of the halloween here too, I don't dress up in costume :) Like you, back in the Philippines, we do go to mass and the cemetery on nov 1st to remember the dead, and we also make a lot of sticky rice varieties. my favorite then is "valenciana" or paella" , kalamayhati or kalamay in tagalog, suman or biko, i actually miss our sticky rice varieties, nakakamiss ang pinoy foods talaga!

  7. Sis, i've added u in my new domain (",)

    Kindly update my url din, from to

    Thanks, Novs! Take care!


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