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Is one of the Christmas Gift I got from my husband last 25th and I was really surprised because I didn't know that he's going to give it to me during that day. And he got a plan of Verizon, he want to give me a new phone because verizon got free verizon phones. But I insisted that it doesn't matter to me as long as I have phone to use.

I mentioned to my previous post that me, her sister and I went to a telecommunication company to check out cellphone for me. After that, there are so many commercials on the television about a great offer from different telecommunication company. One of them telling about a free att cell phones and certainly I find their cell phones amazing and high tech.

I find at&t cell phones great as that's my provider in my roaming phone for Philippines.

I text a friend of mine who got a Tmobile that they have a Tmobile phones and she can change it for a nicer one. And I do hope she will, she told me that she'll check it out on her provider some other time.

Sprint phones also offer great deals to their clients and new customers but I think my husband wants to stick to his former phone company.

This holiday I noticed that each company has offers a best cell phone deals to their customers in order to give them deals that is worth it. And we just got one.

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