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Greetings and updates

We all know that the busiest holiday of all holidays had come and others will not be able to keep posted as often and what they want, rationale beyond their control right? I mean, family comes first to me, and certainly I know my readers will definitely understand about this situation too.

Seeing as gone for days and never updated nor given you hints of what happened during the first Christmas celebration that I spent here, it would be better if I’ll give some brief revise, consecutively by the day I was gone.

December 24: Was busy with My Bana, while we went to the store to buy some gifts to his family. Couple of gifts and we are set though, brought some foods to bring at my MIL’s house. As we will be spending the whole night until Christmas in their place, around 5:30PM went to attend the Eucharist that way, we won’t be going during the 25th. We all stayed at late approximately 3am the most, we slept on the rocking chair, since that’s the spot of my Bana to sleep during Christmas day. [SIL offers their room to us, but I will be fine in that chair, it’s big and comfy for me… hehehehe]

Christmas Myspace Glitter Graphics

December 25: At MIL’s House: Everyone is excited for the gifts, greetings within the family, and I could not really hold on to the feelings deep inside me. A tear fall in my eyes and I started to cry. Wanted to stop it but I just can’t make it stop, I guess I can’t pretend and could no longer hold the missing of my family in Philippines. We all stayed until 11PM then we all went home.

December 26: Me and My Bana, are at home, busy playing with the gifts I received from him Wii Fit, and the Magic Sing. Now, I will not get bored because I have things to do aside from just playing with the computer.

December 27: Went back to MIL’s place as some the family member arrives and spent time with us. So the whole family was all there and played games, chats, eats, then gave presents to each member of the family too.

December 28: That is today, all alone in the house as my Bana is working on his part time job. And I determined to give modernize as I know I can’t make it if I’ll write it down one by one.

Subsequently, I think that’s it for now. I’m off to my Wii Fit again. And to all my friends, readers and visitors, thank you for the often visits and drops you spent in my page.

May all God Bless you ALL now and forever!

Thank you



  1. halo dia ko visita sa imong mansyon... hehehhe thanx sa mga tags nga gi post nimo from me :)

  2. hi nov, belated merry christmas..sus karon lang jud tawn ko nakabalik time to update my blog hehehe

    anyway, i just want to greet you HAPPY NEW YEAR kay basin na pod ug maulahi ko hehhee

  3. Anonymous11:01 AM

    hi Novs, thanks for sharing to us how you spent your Christmas days. At least you have your hubby's family to fill your memories of missing home.


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