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Almost there

I’m talking about my application, we filed it last January and as I checked the tracking number this is what it says:

That means, the Immigration finally received my application and now, I’m starting to feel paranoid… unease and even scared. I hope that I can still be that patience as I was before we filed it.

I need your prayers that I’ll be able to have a smooth processing, a quick if possible and no problems at all. I know, and have a strong faith that with God’s POWER nothing can be impossible.

I’m excited and hopefully get over this soon.




  1. paying a visit :)


  2. Hi Novs...

    Is this for your green card na or a job application? Anyway, goodluck.

    Ate J

  3. Anonymous9:07 PM

    hi just passing by here.

    Good Luck>

  4. what application was that sis? best of luck. i know everything will run smoothly. just be positive.

    tagged u again...

  5. Anonymous2:21 AM

    visitng u here nova kumusta na? happy new year ha?


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