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General Cleaning

Chi Cleaning Pictures, Images and PhotosThat is what I did, the first Monday of the month. I felt so filthy inside the house and so I determined to clean every single things and corners of the house. Vacuum here, there and everywhere. Finally, my sinusitis feels so heavy and decides to stop and calm for a while.

I don’t usually clean when someone is around because I’m sure they will be in the abode, or course. One thing of not liking it is that I am not the contented as I want to secure that I have clean everything.

To end with, I’m done, back to my computer world alone again, waiting for my Bana to be home. Subsequently, that’s life for the meantime; I need to do some sacrifices and patience. As soon as everything went to smooth, I’ll get over this.




  1. nindot na sis, exercise. ako chores na jud ako pinaka exercise ba. hehe.

    ingatz always sis.

  2. Anonymous11:19 PM

    hihi, i did that too novs, right now, gabundok labahin ko :( hmmmmm, buti na lang may washer dito, or else, nako, hahahah!

  3. mabuti ka pa, you have all the time to clean. Well evryting will fine Nova and all your plans will eventually come your way
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  4. Anonymous5:53 AM

    madam, iapil ug limpyo ang akong haus be hehehe. joke ra oi.pagkabuotan sad nimo.juntis naka?

  5. Doing general cleaning of your house is a must. Especially during the holidays... when the house is always filled with visitors. Hope you've done some cleaning already! :D


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