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Don’t Deserve for the Award…

I’m kinda disappointed for some reasons that I love to share awards especially on a way of giving thanks to a person or particular blogger who kept sharing his/her thoughts. What I’m disappointed is that, I’ve noticed that I do have awards shared here but after weeks of distributing and giving effort of tagging or informing a person who I think deserves the award wouldn’t even say hi or hello. I have noticed your awards or tags. It come to my conclusion that they might not like my awards, or probably when they are done with it, at least let me know.

I am not new to this thing but I guess I would not keep sharing awards to those people whom I think don’t appreciate what I shared.

This might be the last time, which I’m complaining because I’ll make sure that I’ll try to learn from the experiences that I have encountered here in blog world.

And for those who love to share their awards, tags, or memes feel free to leave me a message and I’ll rest assure you that you won’t be disappointed of sharing it to me. I think they don’t deserve some effort from me then.



  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    i agree or it's either some will just promise to pose the tag but still tends to forget about it. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be recognized?for my is. Of the millions of bloggers around the globe, for me it's a privilege to be given at least if they think they don't deserve the award, they're recognized.

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM haha!spelling error.

    my apology.

  3. @ES:
    -thanks for the comment and for voicing out your opinion, i'm certainly glad that, you get my point and feelings about this.

    but that's it, i will make sure that i'll be able to share the awards and tags to those who know how to recognized it...


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