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Four things I'm eyeing for...

Sweet Temptation and My Small World has another batch of wonderful tag. So, I grabbed it and doing it now;

The rules: Answer the following questions through Google pictures and you may add some text if needed.

Here they are:
4 favorite foods are:

lunch Pictures, Images and Photos

Cake Pictures, Images and Photos

roasted pig Pictures, Images and Photos

Fried Chicken Pictures, Images and Photos

4 favorite things are:

laptop Pictures, Images and Photos

magic sing Pictures, Images and Photos

hot car Pictures, Images and Photos

Panasonic Portable DVD player Pictures, Images and Photos

4 favorite places to go. Why?

florida Pictures, Images and Photos

FLORIDA: To meet my hubby's bestfriend and to visit disney world

Sunset :) Pictures, Images and Photos

HAWAII: To enjoy the wonderful place of Hawaii

New York Pictures, Images and Photos

NEW YORK: To visit my aunt, renew passport, visit friends, and trip with my bana

Flag Pictures, Images and Photos

and PHILIPPINES: To see my family and relatives again

4 favorite shops online:

4 things that pop up when you Google my name:

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And so, I'm passing this to: My Daily Thoughts & Moods, Anneberly_Beyond the Rave Reality, BeLLe, E d S, and Gagiers_Breathing Adventure



  1. wow, i love the lechon here and the cake and the pizza. yummy!do u have lechon there sis?

  2. thanks ani sis. kaso wala man koy nahot woi. hayyy looy pud intawon nako. pwerteng pordoya. harharhar.

    pero lami tong imong foods ha. pero sana naa bulad, kamonggay, ginamos, amahong, tinabal, hipon ug dayok. hayyy gigutom hinoon ko da. mao ra jud na akong gusto na foods oi. simple pero rock hehehe. pang pobre style jud saon pordoy man ko. hehehehhe.

    bitaw salamat bitaw sis. have a nice day.


  3. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Nice tag! Thanks for this sis ha! :)

  4. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Hi Nova, here is the link of the tag. Thanks friend


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