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Jewelry Cleaner

My Mom loves to collect jewelry as her investment. It's between gold or white gold. I love the white gold as it is similar to silver metal and you can easily fit it into just anything.

I was thinking of giving my mom something that she can use for her jewelry, but I came across into a website that intrigues me the most. As my mother used soap to clean her jewelry I came up to buy her a Homemade jewelry cleaner solution. From this website, it is not that cleaner that I found but a great designs of handcrafted jewelry.

With a great designs and in different metal you can choose from. It is all lovely from copper to silver certainly a perfect website to pick my choice.


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  1. thank u for posting this, sistah. you're welcome sad. :)

    niwey, pareho diay ta hilig og pizza. kalamit sa lechon oi. LOL.


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