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Wii Fit

(Fit) Nintendo Wii + Wii Sports (5 Games) + 1 Controller + 1 Nunchuks + Wii Fit game (with balance board)

Since my Bana bought me this gadget, we kept using this in order to exercise on this cold, freezing and winter season that I’m not sure when will be over [and I can’t wait for that]. However, this Wii Fit is really a big help for both of us, because the kind of weather we have here outside isn’t really tempting for us to do some activity outside the house. I’m talking about this never ending snow.

Wii Fit
There are many ways for you to get fit using this device, from the Yoga, Strengthening, Balance Games and Aerobics you will never get tired to keep using it. As it offers so many ways for you to do, it will start from beginners, advanced up to the experts.

I can confidently say, I’m good in some games, that I lead all the scores and not only that, I aim to keep it high and at the same time, if I want to aim a much higher score I can do it, as the more sweat I’ll get.

I love it as it helps me exercise and would not feel any lazy for the rest of the winter. Thank you my Mahal, you such a sweet person.



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  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    We were about to buy this but thought to saving money just to be safe in case I will be hit with lay off
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