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If it wasn’t for her… myspace graphic comments

I would not know about taking the paid post that is available in paying post. Who is this angel girl? It’s Lynn of My so-called Life, Sweet Temptation and Lynn's Chic Spot. That sweet girl who you always see her card on your entrecard’s dashboard, who never fails to drop a card/s into your blog.

If it wasn’t for her, I would not know about taking 2 review post for my blog. I hardly get paid post from that site since the way I registered myself in it. And now, certainly I’m thankful for that lucky girl.

Thank you so marami…



  1. i joined paying post too. i always forget to check back but i got one from them.

  2. wow! touched naman ako. no problem, sis. kinsa pa bay magtinabangay diba? so glad to be of help.


  3. I am signed up to at paying post and got three tasks already . . i hope to reach their minimum so I can withdraw the money, lol. . they required $50 b4 u can withdraw and not much tasks. . .

  4. hi sis, i joined this one too. one post pa lang ako sa kanila. hay bat kaya wala na tayong masyado paid posts noh?

    -I don't pay attention to this one that much not until lynn bug me to hurry up and sign on at pp so i can grab that opps. and i did, so lucky i think it took me months before i grabbed that post... they just pretty much slow...

    -Basta super thanks, even though that's not much, at least i know i got moolah to wait... thanks again...

    -tha'ts much already for me, especially a blog that don't have PR, i mean there are thousands of bloggers who could have get that fast than me.. but i'm glad...

    -hi jean, yup, i read one of your post about pp too.. your still lucky, i bet they've got a slow advertising company then P3, that's way we don't see more paid post just like other advertising websites...


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