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Fan of playing Golf?

Are you a fan of playing Golf? Or one of those million people who wants to learn about playing golf. First, my answer to my question I don’t know how to play golf, and second if there is a way for me to learn through being in a class or tutor on how to play a golf, I will surely one of the student.

I have heard my in-laws and a friend before on how they played Golf sport. They said it was fun although it takes forever for them to put the small golf ball in the hole where it should be. And also depends of how far is it, you see I don’t know all about Golf because simple terms they used on it isn’t that familiar to me. While listening to their experiences or my in laws experiences about playing golf I came to the point that I started to get curious about this type of sport.

I do admit, I’ve never been into a place where people played golf, just passed by in the area many times but never hold that metal thingy. The only place that I played golf is on my Wii Sport games, which includes the golf sport and I find it very much interesting, not to be boastful about it but I got a higher score and I won all the time. I know its way too different in the real field, and things are way too difficult for me.

While browsing and researching about golf sports, I came to a website that explains how fancy and every entertaining Golf sports for them. It’s part of Europe in the country of Germany. Where young kids were go to this Platzreife which means a playing test that is required to take to be able to play on a golf course in their place. A little bit odd for me, because here in USA it’s not required for you to undergo test to play any sports. But, that’s how they do it in Germany so, that might not be unusual to their place.

Furthermore, they even got this Golfkurs that means a Golf course where you can enroll if you really are passionate to learn the golf sport and how to play it. I’m sure it’s not that simple as you think that you’ll just have to sway the metal thingy and hit the golf ball in order to reach the destination hole. They even have a Golfurlaub a golf holiday in their country. Very much interesting huh.. You can only find that in Germany.

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