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Why Keep them?

Okay, if you mostly noticed I make some changes on my page and particularly on to my blog roll or blogger’s site as I may say. While browsing and blog hopping at the same time, I have noticed that there are some site who didn’t add me or maybe deleted my link in their page/s so, I don’t message them anymore. Instead, I diminished them immediately from me list that way it would be much easier for both sides.

As for now, I guess I have already finalized everything and that blogger/s who kept me on their links positively intact on my links here too.

So, why keep them right? If they want to link back to me, they can simply ask or buzz me again.




  1. Hello sis, i am not guilty of this, lol. My guilt is on not havng to visit you at times when im super busy and I just sit on my computer to take tasks. It happens sometimes that my hands are just to heavy to bloghop . . . But when I do, i always take time to visit you, winks. .

  2. @IMELDA:
    -na i'm super sick and tired of this S*** hehehe. i won't care about them too if they won't care to me.. pero that's fine, i know people are super busy with life, i think i'm just looking for some attention here...


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