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No Holiday Gift from Google…

I am talking about the pagerank that I’ve been waiting still, as I have noticed from the other blogs that, Mr. Google is giving out or distributing a new page rank last December I was included with those who have not received a holiday gift from them. Oh well, that’s life, must have to continue blogging and I was anticipating that this time I’ll be able to grab more opportunities and more extra income as I badly needed it for some personal matters.

That means, we all have to wait for the next time Mr. Google will update their database and hopefully to spare us some page rank because no matter what. Advertisers would prefer to pick those blogs who have page rank and has a highest traffic as well.

A Big Congratulation to whose blog who deserved to increase their page rank, to those who don’t have pagerank and yet they’ve given by Google. And for those who still aims to have page rank like me? Don’t lose hope and keep continue blogging, let’s just not expect too much then. That way, we’ll be surprise one day!

Happy New Year everyone!!!



  1. tag for u sis

  2. happy new year nov!same thing with me..ang usa ka blog nako, giminusan ang akong pr but the other one giincreasan pod at least hehhee..

    don't worry, you will get it next update..

    kumosta na?

  3. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Hi Nova! Happy new year :)

    It's okay, the pr thing, i wasn't lucky also haha

    here's to more blogging for 2009! Happy new year! :)

  4. hello, sis. sige lang, mubalik lagi to imo pr. itaga mo yan sa bato. haha. cheer up, ok? :)

    anyways, got something for u here..


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