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My New Year's Resolutions are...

Lynn graciously shared me these first tag of the year that I have. I love it and I enjoy every single resolution I put here. Eventually, I have nothing in mind for now but since this is not optional, and I don't want to be a KillJoy, I decided to shared what's in my thoughts. So, bare with me on the five new year's resolution that I hope I'll be able to keep. Thank te Lynn, I love doing this.

My 5 New Year's Resolution

1) Eat less sweet and hopefully that I will not be able to drink anymore soda.

2) To forget the hideous things happened in my 2008 with my friends.

3) To move on and grow with my new life that I choose, and hopefully that I'll be able to find a job.

4) Earn money for savings, for family, for vacation and for investment and stop spending too much money with a non-sense things.

5) To be more happier to the new path of life that I have choose. Homesick can never be erase no matter what.

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  1. hello sis!

    paspasa oi. hahaha! thanks for being game always ha. mwah!

    happy new year!

  2. salamat sa paglabay sa akong pobring balay.

    hapi new year!

    bitaw ako wala koy alam ana pud.nagbasa basa ra pud ko. pud lagi daw unya self employed. na ambot lang ani akong bana. pero nagtigum na hinoon kog para pang tax nako pero gamiting ra pud intawon kay horot na gastos.hehehe.

  3. I know you are gonna find a job soon, sis. Tahnks for this tag, i am excited to do this. I have not thought about my new year's resolution but now im trying to tell myself that i shud have, pressured huh, lol.

    As for ur comment in my family pic, thanks. my daughter almost look like to me even my officemates say that. hopefully, i will find my man, soon. Hapi epiphany, sis.

  4. hapi new year! tagged u! check it out hir.. ;)

  5. Done na with the tag Novs...thanks.

    Ate J


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