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Thou shall not date/ hang out with their friend’s EX’s

Is the next entry in my post, you might be asking me where I got the idea of posting about this blog title. Well, Friday noon I was sitting on the couch and trying to dis-assemble our Christmas tree and other decoration, I came across to the Tyra Bank Show, and perfectly timing that is their show’s topic for the day.

Have you encounter such situation like what my post title is? How would you feel if your friend actually steal or cheat or hurt you or even hang out with your Ex or bf/gf? It might not as hurtful as they though it will be because they’re not the victim here.

Anyhow, very interesting talk show that I decided to listen and watched the whole show until I visit Tyra’s website and even read more of those people’s reaction and even pain they felt after some or a friend or even sister dated their friend’s ex.

Doesn’t matter of how long it was but since if the people really treat you as a true friend, I bet they will not going to do what other’s did.

I was really intrigue of why and what’s the reason behind, of doing such thing. A pain that nobody could erase no matter what, so if you get interested about the talk show’s topic? Visit, Tyra bank’s show website and read more about the said topic.

Will you ever have the nerve to do hurt your friend? Or are you really his / her friend?


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  1. Anonymous12:22 AM

    i bet it's painful to be in such situation. but would you believe that i know some people who married their brother's ex? they seem to get along very fine.

    if it were me, that would totally be awkward!

    hope you're having a good day, Novs!


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