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Become a Partner with CSU

Since I got here in US, I have heard so many opportunities to learn while you are at home. One of them is taking an online education, meaning even though you are working in the morning you can still do schooling when you got home from work at night or just any specific time in the day, which a great ideal not only for me but for those who wish to finish college or wants to get a masteral.

But, the CSU Learning Partners is not one of the online education that I mentioned earlier. It is a prestigious University that gives you more benefits, not only for an individual who enroll with them but at the same time companies/ employers who wish to send their employee to enhance more of their specific fields at work. For CSU offers a free learning program make sure that employees or members will be able to get access to the complete online degree and certificate programs at a special discounted partnership tuition rate. Imagine, knowing that everything now increases it would be a delightful if you find a University that would give you a discounted rate to learn and gain more knowledge. And the discounted rate won’t stop to the employee or members but the spouse or children can also be granted with the same discounted rate which includes an application waiver fee of $25.

Here are the benefits that you could be able to get from the CSU.

Employee/Member Benefits
• 10% Tuition Discount
• No Application Fee ($25 Value)
• Online Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctoral, and Certificate Programs Available
• Benefits Extended to Spouse and Dependant Family Members
• Flexible On-Demand Courses that Do Not Interfere with Career or Family Obligations

Employer/Organization Benefits
• Zero Cost(s) to Become a Learning Partner
• Available to Any Size Business or Organization
• No Commitment - No Contract Required
• Creates a More Educated, Qualified Workforce
• Increase Employee Retention with New Educational Benefits
• Additional Incentive Tool in Recruitment and Hiring Operations
• Plus Many More...

Become a partner now? If you want to read more details you may visit their website or you may call 800-309-2366.

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