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Good game at bowl…

bowling Pictures, Images and PhotosWhile I brought up into one of my post here about the bowling tournament my bana is into. I could probably boastful again the 4 win they go on the row for their game last night {Thursday, January 29, 2009]. Oh, I haven’t told here as well that they bowled every Thursday of the week.

Anyhow, as I mentioned that they got finally win 4 straight after weeks and weeks of struggling to get at least 2 or 3 win out of 4 games. And they come back, know the reason why? Because their opponents were only 2 people, they played pretty good, although the vacant position has automatically got a score of 160 and the absent team isn’t around so it has to carry the previous average of 99. Which isn’t that helpful for them.

Well, the main point for their games is to show up always and have fun. They don’t feel like LOSERS… while they have been joking about last night but at least they have fun!

I guess the come back of winning games should be continuous, do you ever think they will win 4 games in a row? Maybe it’s a YES or a No, depends on the team players.



  1. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Hi madam got you a tag..

  2. hmmm, i haven't gone bowling in a while. for sure, pamaulan jud ko if ever magdula ko usab.:)

  3. @GENGEN
    -hala mama gen, thanks kaayo ani... i'm grabbing it. thanks...

    -nice ilang bowling lane dre dear, ksy tanan machine na lingkod, labay nlng ka. hehehehe


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