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Eyebrow Threading

Lately there are so many ways to beautify your self. From a natural into surgery either men or women who are into this beautification, I have mentioned about the Eyebrow Threading. You don’t need to go to a very expensive doctor who can do eyebrow threading; instead there is a step by step DVD video showing on how you can do it to yourself or to others who wanted to make threading eyebrows. Here is a simple picture that I can share in order for you’re to check whether you can do it yourself. Aesthetic VideoSource certainly makes sure that they released a safe and effective video for those who wished to do it by themselves.

If are interested to by a copy of eyebrow threading video or if you want to know more details you may simply visit their website or you can contact them at this information;

P.O. Box 188 
West Jordan, Utah 84084-0188
United States

For Email support, choose one of the following options.
General Info: info(at)videoshelf(dot)com
Orders: orders(at)videoshelf(dot)com

Toll Free: 800-414-2434
Telephone: 801-282-2490
Fax: 801-282-9187


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