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Another Horror Movie we’ve watched last week. Amazing movie for those who seek scary one, a great one that I can share with you to watch it. This movie was hit last year and until now, and like the other movies I’m trying to catch up of what movie last year that I have missed in the movie theater. It would be better not to say something about the movie, that way I won’t be able to ruin and let you know everything before you watch it.

The thrill and enthusiasm should be felt not knowing what the movie is about and what gives you the exhilaration to watch it.



  1. Husband and I watched it a couple of months ago and it was good. It starred by Keifer Sutherland and he did a very good job in his acting. We just didn't like the ending.


  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    -thanks for the visit.. through.. i thought it was happy yet, it becomes miserable for him, as we thought [me and husband] think he was trapped in the mirrors and we assume he died and that his soul was trapped in it...


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